Welcome to my photography website!

I am Giuseppe Petricca, currently living in Stornoway, Outer Hebrides, in the magical country of Scotland.

My actual occupation is working on various projects concerning Renewable Energies and Energy Engineering while my hobbies vary from astronomy to meteorology, from pc tech to, naturally, photography.

During my initial years, my interests in astronomical and meteorological observations made me approach the field of photography, which grew and grew exponentially with the passing of time.

My initial camera was my father’s Russian Zenith-E, that continues to work exceptionally well even now, while my first actual digital camera was an (as of today) old 4MP Kodak DX6490.

After that, I bought a little nice compact one which gave me great satisfaction: the Canon Powershot A530, and later, a Nikon Coolpix P90 Bridge, which was a turning point, with my first dip into manual mode.

Currently, I work with a Canon EOS 700D reflex camera, which I got some years ago for a Partial Solar Eclipse visible from the Isle of Skye. I am now expanding my lens and photography equipment, piece by piece.

For many of the pictures that you will see on this website, I can freely admit that I really was ‘in the right place at the right time’! This, together with my passion, and patience, reflects my basic characteristics as a photographer.

All this is enhanced by the fact that I love traveling when I can, and I always like to see new places, guaranteeing an ever-changing array of subjects, panoramas, lights and shadows, and situations when the photographer has to decide every picture setting in a matter of seconds.


Thank you for the time you took in reading this, and I hope you will like my work.

If you want to, share it with whomever you wish, online and not.

Giuseppe Petricca

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